Thomas Sittel studied chemistry at the University of Heidelberg and received his Master of Science degree in 2018. After several research internships in the group of Prof. Dr. Panak, he joined the group for his master thesis working on the synthesis of new N,O-donor ligands for lanthanide/actinide separation at KIT-INE. Afterwards he continued his studies as a PhD student focusing on the complexation of lanthanides and actinides with N-, N,O- or O-donor ligands using NMR spectroscopy. He graduated in 2021 by receiving his PhD.


Since then he has been working as a research scientist in the group of Prof. Dr. Panak at KIT-INE. His research deals with the synthesis and characterization of lanthanide/actinide complexes with N-, N,O- or O-donor ligands using spectroscopic methods (mainly NMR spectroscopy). His main interest lies on the differences and similarities in the lanthanide/actinide - ligand bond.